Amebiasis Newsletter

Editors: C. G. Clark, LSHTM, London, England, L. S. Diamond, NIH, Bethesda MD, USA,

M. Espinosa Cantellano, A. Martínez-Palomo, CINVESTAV-IPN, México DF

Nº 16, Spring 1998

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Entamoeba on the World Wide Web

As announced in the last Newsletter, the 'Entamoeba Homepage', a website for Entamoeba researchers is now available. The site is being visited by about 100 people per week on average, which hopefully indicates that is a useful resource! The content of the site continues to be updated and modified. Future plans include a gallery of portraits of the great researchers in the field of amebiasis, additional research methods, etc. For those who have not yet visited the Entamoeba Homepage it can be found at:

For it to remain useful it is important that the information it contains is as up-to-date as possible. For this reason we request that you check your entry in the directory of addresses. It is especially important that contact information be kept up to date and that we remove individuals from the list when they are no longer in the field. More and more people have access to electronic mail and we frequently find out about such individuals indirectly, not because they write to inform us. Please help us!

As always, all comments and reports of problems will be gratefully received as would additional links to appropriate web pages, graphics files, and any other useful material. You need not know how to prepare web pages in order to contribute to the site. We can easily convert electronic text or word processor files to the correct format for viewing on the web. We look forward to hearing from you!

Recent Publications in Amebiasis

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