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(most recent 3rd July, 2013)

The Entamoeba histolytica Clinical Isolate Genome Sequencing Project
at The J. Craig Venter Institute Genome Sequencing Center for Infectious Diseases

The Entamoeba Genome Resources Pages at AmoebaDB (

A personal reflection on Peter Sargeaunt, by John Williams

Newly Published Book (March 2010) - Anaerobic Parasitic Protozoa: Genomics and Molecular Biology

Louis S. "Buddy" Diamond, 1920-2009 - an appreciation

Postdoctoral positions available in France: deadline 9 March 2014

The purpose of this page is to provide links to information on these parasites. However, no responsibility is taken for the accuracy of the information you may find. Indeed, a lot of contradictory information is available through the WWW.

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